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Sacramento Section Speaker Series

2023 Speaker Series

We've been furiously planning the last few years, especially with infusions of state and federal funding and new programs, and more is on the way. We've been reinventing the way we plan to be more equitable, more holistic, more sustainable, more collaborative. Planners and friends, can we take a step back and talk about how that planning is going?

All sessions will be held from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.
Join us for coffee and networking from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m.
West Sacramento Community Center
1075 West Capitol Avenue, West Sacramento
Free Parking at 1271 West Capitol Avenue (behind Walgreens)

We hope you can join us in person, but we will have a Live Streaming option for all sessions at the same price as attending in person.

2023 Speaker Series Presentations

Session 2: Common Ground: Empowering our Communities through Healthy and Equitable Development

Friday, August 25 – Hosted by ULI
Panelists: Roshaun Davis, Co-founder, Unseen Heroes; Joanna Mack, Associate, Salazar Architects; Katy Robb, Director, Mutual Assistance
Network. Additional speakers to be added to the panel to include a City of Sacramento representative and a local developer perspective.

Click here to download the presentation by Roshaun Davis
Click here to download the presentation by Joanna Mack
Click here to download the presentation by Katy Robb
Click here to download the presentation by Alex Salazar
Click here to download the presentation by Lynette Hall

This program celebrates the successes of thoughtful, collaborative development with the goal of learning how to empower historically disadvantaged Sacramento communities to build equity and preserve culture. ULI will hold a moderated discussion with a panel of experts on best approaches to interface with communities to create healthy and equitable development.

SESSION 1: Energizing Our Work: Case Studies for Inspiration

Friday, July 28, 2023 - Hosted by APA
Panelists: Nguyen Nguyen, Associate Planner, City of Sacramento; Dawn Angelo, Sacramento Regional Director, AARP; Tamy Quigley, Active
Transportation Planning Branch Chief, Caltrans
Moderator: Andrea Ouse, AICP, Community Development Director, City of West Sacramento; President, APA California Chapter

Click here to download the presentation by Nguyen Nguyen.
Click here to download the presentation by Dawn Angelo.
Click here to download the presentation by Tamy Quigley.

Have you reached a wall? Are you following the same old playbook? Can planners foster innovation, ambition, collaboration, creativity, and energy to move the discipline forward? Yes! Learn about inll housing and transportation infrastructure examples from the City of Sacramento and Happy Camp. Each pushes beyond the usual formula of preparing a data driven technical analysis, receiving community input at a meeting or two, and writing the plan/policy/ordinance. The session will focus on how these examples have been transformed to be more equitable, holistic, sustainable,and collaborative eorts–especially with other communities and professional disciplines.


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