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Sacramento Section Speaker Series

2020 Webinar Series

Vision 2020: Reflecting on the Past to Focus on the Future

New decades offer a fresh opportunity for reflection, as well as glimpses of future possibilities. 2020 is that next great opportunity to apply our critical lenses to the decisions we’ve made over the last decade and use that knowledge to make the best decisions we can in the decade to come. From climate change, to transportation and housing, community leaders will be making difficult decisions that will impact our communities across California and the United States. Step one is identifying where lessons from the past will help us achieve success in the future.

All webinar sessions from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

  • Friday, July 31: Hosted by SACOG & OPR
  • Friday, August 28: Hosted by ULI
  • Friday, September 25: Hosted by AIA
  • Friday, October 30: Hosted by APA
  • Friday, November 20: Hosted by Caltrans

Developing Urban Resilience

Friday, August 28 – Hosted by ULI

Presenters: Leah Sheppard, Manager, Urban Resilience, Urban Land Institute in Washington DC; Dalton M. LaVoie, Associate, Landscape Architect, Stantec; Rachel Huang, Director of Energy Strategy and Research, SMUD
Moderator: Marq Truscott, FASLA

From sea level rise to heat waves, from storm surge to drought, the many impacts of climate change threaten the built environment in ways that have serious consequences for the health, viability, and economic vitality of our cities. Investments in community resilience are increasing through both public sector programs and private sector involvement. Leah Sheppard with the Urban Land Institute will highlight innovative city policies that respond to climate risk and create new mechanisms for private sector participation in adaptation and mitigation. In the ULI spirit, she will share examples of real estate projects and policies that showcase best practices in resilient design. Following Leah, Dalton Lavoie of Stantec and Rachel Huang of SMUD will discuss local initiatives for enhancing our region's resilience.

Click here to download presentation.

SB 743: Reflections on LOS, transition to VMT, and the Potential for VMT Mitigation Banks

Friday, July 31 – Hosted by OPR & SACOG

Presenters: Ethan Elkind, Director of the Climate Change and Business Program, UC Berkeley/UCLA Schools of Law; Chris Ganson, Senior Planner, Governor's Office of Planning and Research; Tilly Chang, Executive Director, San Francisco County Transportation Authority; Wade Wietgrefe, AICP, Principal Planner and Transportation Team Manager, San Francisco Planning Department; Jenny Delumo, Senior Planner and Transportation Review Team Lead, San Francisco Planning Department

Watch out environmental reviewers! As of July 1st, there’s a new 3-letter acronym—VMT—on the streets, and it’s here to reduce miles traveled on those streets. In this session, we’ll first reflect on the LOS days to remind ourselves of the reasons we are transitioning to VMT, and then we’ll turn to the future. What can the next decade look like under this metric? How do we intentionally plan for equitable project development? Is there an opportunity to learn from programs meant to distribute community benefit such as through fee programs or mitigation banks? Join us for a conversation with Chris Ganson of OPR, Tilly Chang of SFCTA, and Ethan Elkind of UC Berkeley on why VMT matters, what local VMT implementation looks like, and the potential for VMT Mitigation Banks to structure future development around equity and accessibility.

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