2015 Speaker Series

Back to the Future: Reflecting on Past Planning, Examining the Present, and Predicting What’s Yet to Come

This year’s Speaker Series offers reflections, examinations, and predictions where we challenge you to travel back in time. The original Back to the Future movie was released in 1985, and back then, the year 2015 was the future! What in the realm of planning was contemplated back in the 1980’s that, 30 years later, is now a reality? What is being planned for us now that we can predict will come to life in 30 years? The Series encourages participants to travel back in time and reflect on specific projects, ideas, issues, and opportunities, where we offer lessons learned [or ignored] from those experiences and examine the present conditions [or consequences] of past actions. The Series will also offer participants a chance to dream about the future; that is, if time travel were possible, what would we see is coming our way?

May 15 - Hosted by APA
Rebooting the 'Burbs - Sustainable Suburban Communities of the Future

June 26 - Hosted by AEP
Water Planning for the Future – the Role of Recycled Water

July 31 - Hosted by SACOG
CivicSpark: Tackling Climate Change with AmeriCorps in Sacramento

August 28 - Hosted by HCD & OPR
Looking Back for a More Equitable Future

September 25 - Hosted by ULI Sacramento
ULI Building Healthy Places Initiative & Healthy Communities

October 23 - Hosted by Caltrans
Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!

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