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The Sacramento Valley Section YPG is committed to planning dynamic events for 2019! We are hard at work bringing you YPG programs that involve project site and walking tours, professional development topics, community service opportunities, social events, and technical/educational programs.

Planners Pint Night - Mental Health and the Built Environment

“The physical landscapes of places and the sociocultural context in which people live and build communities have direct and indirect effects on mental wellness. An individual’s quality of life is attributable to various factors related to the built environment, ranging from long commute patterns and exposure to smog, to the presence or absence of natural areas and public green spaces. For this reason, the link between the built environment and the physical, mental, and social well-being of residents is a growing interest among public health professionals and land use planners.[i]”

Join us in hearing from two experts in the built environment and epidemiological field about how individual and community well-being is derived from and impacted by the communities we live in. Explore how historic disinvestment in communities have created disparities in both physical health and mental health, limiting access to opportunity. Discuss the role of planners today in building and retrofitting communities for resilience. Gain insights into ways to only engage, but partner with communities to tackle these challenges through planning.


Flojaune Cofer, PhD, MPH Senior Director of Policy – Public Health Advocates, City of Sacramento Active Transportation Commission
Torin Dunnavant – Director of Education and Engagement – Sacramento Tree Foundation

When: Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Where: Kupros Craft House (1217 21st St, Sacramento)
Time: 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
*1.0 CM Credits Pending*

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Contact Information
For questions about the event, please contact Kirin Kumar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[i] Urban Habitat – Discussion Paper: The Impact of the Built Environment on Mental Wellness. https://urbanhabitat.org/sites/default/files/Impact%20of%20the%20Built%20Environment%20on%20Mental%20Wellness.pdf

Volunteering with Sacramento Tree Foundation

Come volunteer with YPG! On Saturday, April 6, YPG is helping the Sacramento Tree Foundation plant 35 trees along the Highway 160 corridor to improve local air quality and reduce stormwater runoff. We’ll meet at the Sacramento Tree Foundation’s office at 8:45 a.m. and then shuttle out to the planting site. Tree planting will last until about noon, after which we will head back to the STF office for lunch and a discussion about the benefits of urban forestry and how planners can support such efforts. If you are interested in volunteering with us, sign up here.

When: Saturday, April 6, 2019
Where: Sacramento Tree Foundation (191 Lathrop Way, Suite D, Sacramento)
Time: 8:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Please wear closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and dress accordingly for the weather. Bring a reusable water bottle to help reduce plastic waste. Please bring gloves if you have them.

Sign up here and RSVP on Facebook

Contact Information
For questions about the event, please contact Hannah Kornfeld, AICP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

YPG's 10-Year Anniversary Party

Past Events

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2019 Events

March: Planners Pint Night - Landmark Projects in Sacramento

On Thursday, March 7th, YPG held a Planners Pint Night at Bike Dog Brewing. We heard from Marco Gonzalez and Ellen Sullivan, Development Project Managers with the City of Sacramento. They spoke about the work being done by the City Manager’s Office of Economic Development and Innovation, focusing on the ongoing Waterfront Idea Makers program and the current competition to submit ideas to reimagine the Old Sacramento Waterfront. Be sure to vote for your favorite entry from now until March 20 on the City website.

February: APA Info Night at UC Davis

On February 6th, YPG hosted an info session at UC Davis campus. Students across various planning and sustainability majors stopped by to learn more about YPG’s activities, the benefits of joining APA (including free membership for students!) and scholarships to attend the upcoming National Planning Conference in San Francisco.

January: Planners Pint Night - Food Systems and Sustainability

On Thursday, January 31, YPG hosted a Planners Pint Night at Alaro Brewing Company. Speakers Gail Feenstra (Food Systems Coordinator for Food and Society, UC Davis Agricultural Sustainability Institute), Trish Kelly (Managing Director, Valley Vision), and David Shabazian (Rural-Urban Connections Strategy Manager, SACOG) provided engaging dialogue on issues related to food systems and sustainability in the Sacramento Region, as well as food for thought on what can be done to improve our existing systems. Over 50 people, including members of the California Planning Roundtable, joined the conversation that night, and enjoyed drinks and farm-to-table appetizers from Alaro's kitchen. Alaro's Head Chef, Jason Azevedo, also made a guest appearance at the beginning to chat about their food philosophy!

January: Constructing the Future

We joined our friends from planning-related professions at Constructing the Future to hear about exciting plans for some of Sacramento’s Property and Business Improvement Districts (PBIDs), including the River District, Stockton Boulevard, Del Paso Boulevard, and Greater Broadway. Presentations covered affordable housing projects, commercial corridor redevelopments, and riverfront utilization. We can’t wait to see these PBID plans in action!

2018 Events

November: YPG Planners Pint Night – CPTED

On November 29th, YPG hosted the last Planners Pint Night of 2018! Paul Zykofsky, Associate Director of Local Government Commission gave an engaging presentation on how design can influence public safety and sustainability. This method, often known as CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design), has transitioned to looking beyond just crime to how we can improve the quality of life for all residents in every community. With the transition has come the need for planners, architects, business personnel, law enforcement, and others to be well versed in understanding the effects the built environment can have on those who live there. Decisions such as lighting, setbacks, zoning, and landscaping may seem minor when looked at individually but when put together can transform a community. YPG was excited to see so many new faces for the event and are looking forward to another great year in 2019.

October: YPG Planners Pizza Night at UC Davis

October is planning month! At this Planners Pizza Night, we'll be sitting down with Professor N. Claire Napawan, PhD on campus at UC Davis to discuss her recent work titled, "Women's Work: Eco-feminism and Sustainable Environments." As Professor Napawan writes in her article, "Women spend an average of 260 minutes on unpaid domestic labor daily (as compared to 80 minutes for men)—an imbalance that grows more pronounced in developing nations. The full import of domestic decisions on sustainability is evidenced in studies on the relationship between diet and climate change, which have demonstrated that the action with the single greatest impact on our environmental footprint is to eliminate beef from our diet, more so than reducing vehicle miles traveled or even long-distance flights." Read the full article here.

October: YPG Planners Pint Night – Creative Edge

Have you read Sacramento’s newest creative economy plan? At our latest Planners Pint Night, YPG dove into the plan and its incredible outreach efforts in a lightning-paced process with City of Sacramento Director of Cultural and Creative Economy, Jonathon Glus and Community Engagement consultant, Matt Hertel, AICP. We’re excited to see this plan become a reality! Check it out here.

August: Planners Pint Night – Vision Zero Update

On August 16th, YPG hosted a Vision Zero Update happy hour at New Helvetia Brewery with a presentation by Jennifer Donlon Wyant and Andrew Hart, both staff members in the Active Transportation division at the City of Sacramento. The presentation started with a brief background description of what Vision Zero is and how the City is addressing vehicle and pedestrian related collisions in Sacramento. This was followed with an update on how the program is doing and how the Active Transportation division is spreading the word on the city-wide effort. After their presentation, a round of questions was given for those attending the happy hour. Lots of interesting questions came up related to public outreach programs, how new rideshare and multi-modal businesses (i.e., JUMP) are affecting transportation through out the city, and what’s being done in problem areas of the City.

July: Planners Pint Night – 2017 Legislative Housing Package

At YPG’s latest Planners Pint Night, we heard from Melinda Coy and Sohab Mehmood from the California Department of Housing and Community Development about the landmark 2017 Legislative Housing Package. Attendees learned about some of the innovative strategies in the Housing Package which will help streamline and deliver new housing in communities throughout California. Be sure to check out their website for more information!

June: Bike Tour

Thanks to everyone who came out on the YPG Bike Tour! We pedaled around (with some e-assistance from JUMP) to the Bridge District, the Mill at Broadway, and Crocker Village with fantastic speakers from the project teams. After the tour we enjoyed some Track 7 beer in Curtis Park while discussing the exciting changes happening around Sacramento.

June: Inter-Association Summer Scavenger Soiree

Members of APA had a fun and engaging evening at the Sacramento Inter-Association (SIA) of Emerging Professionals Summer Scavenger Soiree! Teams enjoyed an industry related scavenger hunt, followed by drinks and Chando’s Taco’s on the CalFit Rooftop Lounge.

May: Happy Hour with YPT and YPE

YPG enjoyed the nice spring weather at our May happy hour with our friends at YPT and YPE, while contributing to the Big Day of Giving at Biergarten in Midtown. Keep an eye out for more joint YPG/YPT/YPE events in the future!

April: Student Mixer – Indigo Architects Office Tour

On Friday, April 20th a group of UC Davis students joined us at the Indigo Architects' office building on 5th Street in downtown Davis. The building, which had previously existed as a Dairy Queen, was adapted into an incredible space that currently operates at Zero Net Energy due to design features including south-facing orientation, straw wall insulation, and passive cooling through concrete flooring and water-filled columns. In addition to showing us the building, Indigo Architects shared information about their current projects and the synergies between architects and planners in the built environment.

April: Planners Pint Night – CEQA Update

On April 17th, Senior Planner and Legal Counsel Chris Ganson and Jeannie Lee from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research joined us to provide an overview of the CEQA update process and the transition of transportation metrics from LOS to VMT. The group enjoyed the presentation and had a great following discussion about the details of the new transportation metric and its impact on health, communities, and future development.

April: Old Sugar Mill Wine Tour and Tasting

YPG teamed up with Carvalho Family Winery on Saturday April 7 to tour the Old Sugar Mill and learned the history of the facility as well as the wine-making process. We enjoyed wine tasting, bread, and cheese while catching up with old friends and making new connections!

March: Planners Pint Night – Prop 64 and Regulating Cannabis

On Thursday, March 15th, YPG gathered at Bike Dog for good beer and discussion on the recent cannabis laws. Paul Junker, Associate Vice President of the Michael Baker International - Sacramento Office and long time Sacramento-area Planner, headed up the lively discussion on the varied approaches cities and counties are taking to regulate and permit medical and recreational cannabis. Thanks to Paul and our attendees!

February: LowBrau Happy Hour

YPG hosted its first Happy Hour of the year at LowBrau. Members enjoyed lively conversations while sipping some highly-coveted Pliny the Younger ale.

2017 Events

July: Interassociation Mixer at the River Cats

YPG caught up with fellow your and emerging professionals at the River Cats game last week. Keep an eye out for an upcoming bowling night hosted by the Sacramento Inter-Association this fall!

July: Old Sacramento Summery Walking Tour

We had a fantastic turnout at our Old Sacramento Walking Tour, with a diverse range of participants and young planners in attendance. Thanks to all who came, asked great questions and stuck around for a quick drink after. Special thanks to Brooksie Hughes and Scott Ford of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, and Richard Rich and Carson Anderson of the City of Sacramento for showing YPG how Sacramento's most historic neighborhood is turning into Sacramento's hippest neighborhood!

April: Spring Saunter

YPG joined architects, landscape architects, engineers, and green building professionals on a lovely spring saunter along R Street on April 2nd. We learned about the history of R Street, toured the successful redevelopment of the Warehouse Artist Lofts, and heard about the highly-anticipated Ice Blocks development. YPG will be co-hosting another Inter-Association event this summer – stay tuned!

April: UC Davis Spring Mixer

We had a great turnout on April 18th at our Davis student mixer! Current UC Davis students came to network with professional planners and hear about their experiences, projects, and potential job opportunities. Thank you to all who joined us!

February: Planner's Pint Night

Last month YPG hosted a non-traditional Planner’s Pint Night featuring Dan Henderson of Esri, who demonstrated exciting new technologies available to planners. We had a lively discussion about emerging trends in technology and different ways to convey information to the public. Hope some of you were able to catch us on Facebook Live and Instagram Live, and thanks to all that attended in person. Be sure to look for our next Planner’s Pint Night in April – hope to see you there!

2016 Events

November: Inter-Association Winter Is Coming Party

Last month YPG co-hosted an inter-association mixer with other emerging professionals from AIA, ASLA, SEAOC, and USGBG that featured a can drive for the Sacramento Food Bank, a funky scarf competition, and a game night. Attendees were able to mingle with young professionals outside their field while also giving back to the community through canned good donations. The event drew over 40 people and the organizations plan to co-host another event in the spring. Check back soon for updates!

October: UC Davis Ice Cream Social

On October 18th YPG members spoke with future planners from various planning-related majors at UC Davis. We shared our experiences as a young (or experienced) professional and the transition from school to the workplace.  

September: Planner's Pint Night - Sac Urban Agriculture Ordinance

There was a great turnout at the Planners Pint Night on September 21st, where Helen Selph from the City of Sacramento joined us at the Federalist to talk about the City's urban agriculture ordinances in honor of the upcoming Farm-to-Fork festival. She spoke about two main ordinances - the Urban Agriculture Ordinance and Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone Ordinance - providing a history of urban ag in Sacramento and what steps the City has taken to accommodate and incentivize agriculture within City boundaries. The group was very excited to hear from her and were engaged with many questions about the ordinances!

August: Rivercats Game

On Wednesday August 31stYPG and YPT members came together to enjoy a great Rivercats game over in the Beer Garden. It was a small group but that didn’t stop us from having great conversation and a great time. Thanks to all who came out, we hope to see you at the next one!

July: Happy Hour Mixer

YPG had a mid-summer mixer at Tank House on July 28th, where YPG members came together to enjoy drinks, appetizers, and to escape the boiling heat!

June: Inter-Association Summer Social

YPG kicked off the summer with other emerging professionals from AIA, ASLA, SEAOC, USGBG and ULI in a first time inter-association networking and social event. The party featured an interactive hands-on vision board where members of each association could share their thoughts for development and neighborhood improvement throughout Sacramento. The event included food from local Sacramento businesses, lawn games, networking opportunities, and lots of fun!

June: Inter-Association Wine Tasting Train Tour & BBQ

 On June 4th YPG joined our friends at YPT for a special tour of the Western Railway Museum.  This co-hosted event featured a one-hour train ride on the museum's vintage 1914 Salt Lake & Utah parlor car, a free sampling of local wines from Tenbrink Vineyards, a guided tour by the museum's volunteer conductors and docents, lunch in the museum's picnic grounds catered by Kinders BBQ, and a great chance to meet new friends and see electric railroading history brought to life!

May: Planner's Pint Night - Assemble Sacramento

On May 24th YPG held a Pint Night to discuss a new, community led parklet project forming near the Clarksburg Branch Line bike trail in West Sacramento.  This planning effort is the inaugural project of Assemble Sacramento, a new placemaking venture focused on site activation in the region.  West Sacramento Planning Commissioner Andrew Sturmfels was on hand to explain the project and ways to offer support and get more involved.

May: Bike Tour

YPG hosted a Bike Tour where approximately 25 planners toured four development sites in Downtown Sacramento: Railyards, EVIVA, ICE Blocks, and The Mill at Broadway. The presenters were Frank Myers (Downtown Railyard Ventures), Marc de la Vergne (Capital Area Development Authority), Kaitlin Murchison (Heller Pacific, Inc.), and Rachel and Katherine Bardis (Bardish Homes). Cyclists were able to ride into the Railyards, hear about innovative designs and development, and see several model homes at The Mill at Broadway.

April: YPG Planning Professional Panel for Students

Over 45 UC Davis students came out for YPG's Planning Professional Panel. Experienced professionals representing various planning occupations shared their career journeys and gave students advice about how to best prepare for a job in planning. Panelists included Julia Lave Johnston (Institute for Local Government), Matthew Gerkin (AECOM), Curtis Ailing (Ascent Environmental), Tricia Stevens (County of Sacramento), and Reza Navai (CalTrans). Thank you to everyone who made this such a successful event!

March: YPG & YPT Joint Happy Hour

On March 29th, YPG and YPT (Young Professionals in Transportation) had a joint Happy Hour at Kupros Craft House. We spent the evening networking and taking some time for fun.

February: Aspiring Young Planners UC Davis Mixer

On February 17th YPG hosted a Student Networking Event where over 30 aspiring planners from UC Davis came out to this annual professional/student mixer at De Vere's in Davis. YPG members representing the public, private, and non-profit sectors were able to share their experiences as young professionals and answer students' questions about how to best prepare themselves for a career in the planning field.

January: Franklin Boulevard Streetscape Celebration

On January 30th YPG volunteered at the Franklin Blvd Streetscape Celebration, which was an event highlighting a $450,000 grant that the City of Sacramento recently received from SACOG to conduct a feasibility study on a portion of Franklin Blvd, that would reduce it from four to two lanes, as well as add bicycle lanes, landscaped medians, striped on street parallel parking and many more trees. YPG was on hand at the celebration to talk to the public about the importance of the complete streets and details on the project. Other highlights of the event included keynotes from Councilmember Jay Schenirer and Supervisor Phil Serna.

January: YPG Inter-Association Mural Painting

YPG kicked-off the New Year with other emerging professionals from the American Institute for Architects (AIA), American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC), Urban Land Institute (ULI), International Interior Design Association (IIDA), and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). On January 22nd at LC Studio Tutto young professionals grabbed a paintbrush to help create a one-of-a-kind mural. YPG was thrilled to partner with exceptional artists Sofia Lacin and Hennessy Christophel of LC Studio Tutto to create a collaborative mural inspired by our shared interests and values.

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