PLAN Alumni

PLAN is dedicated to providing young planners new technical insight into planning and other related fields, professional development tips, leadership skills, networking strategies, exposure to community service, and so much more. Participants with PLAN Sac Valley gain a greater knowledge of the professional planning sphere and build an extended network of peers and mentors that serve as a priceless resource during and beyond the program experience.

The APA CA Sacramento Valley Section would like to recognize the PLAN Sac Valley Class alumni:

2015/16 PLAN Mentees 2015/16 PLAN Mentors

Carolyn Angius

Governor's Office of Planning and Research

Dan Amsden, AICP


Allison Ferrini

LSA Associates

Matthew Gerken, AICP


Alicia Brown

Local Government Commission

Kacey Lizon

Sacramento Area Council of Governments

Matt Braughton

Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

Mike Isle, AICP


Jenny Rempel

Community Water Center

Janet Ruggiero, FAICP

DeLaSalle Institute

Kate Rose

Sacramento County

Kathy Pease, AICP

City of Roseville

Kendra Macias

Capitol Area Development Authority

Matt Hertel, AICP


Eric Will

Laurin Associates

Kyle Flood, AICP

Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency

Terren Wing


Chris Pahule

Sacramento County

Dillon Miner


David Wade, AICP CUD

Wade Associates

Ethan Meltzer

City of Sacramento

Steve Hallam, AICP



2014/15 PLAN Mentees 2014/15 PLAN Mentors
Alex Lam
Yolo County Transportation District
Tina Suarez-Murias
California Air Resources Board (ARB)
Allison Crump
Fehr and Peers
John Lieswyn
Alta Planning + Design
Amy Lee
Celia McAdam
Placer County Transportation Planning Agency
David Ripperda
Tom Pace
City of Sacramento
Emily Alice Gerhart
Lauren Michele
Policy in Motion
Kirk Skierski
Town of Truckee
Tricia Stevens
Sacramento County
Mari Salizar
Marc de la Vergne
Natalie Hernandez
California Air Resources Board (ARB)
Celia Yniguez
Patrick Stelmach
Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates
Amy Lapin
Economic & Planning Systems, Inc.
Ryan Sager
Fehr and Peers
Mike Brady
CalTrans (Retired)
Sharon Grewel
California Department of Conservation
David Kwong
City of Sacramento


2013/14 PLAN Mentees 2013/14 PLAN Mentors
Cynthia Felix
Institute for Local Government
Jeff Schwein
Green DOT Transportation Solutions
Rachael Gutierrez
NeighborWorks Sacramento
Celia Yniguez
Dana Hoffman
Kate Meis
Local Government Commission
Emily Hyland
State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Rights
Kacey Lizon
William Kavadas
Matrix Design Group
Michael Isle
Teichert Land Company/Stonebridge Properties
Warren Navarro
Al Herson
Sohagi Law Group
Lisa Reynolds
John Nicolaus
Mogavero Notestine Associates
Saul Uribe Varo
City of Vacaville
Matthew Gerken
Amy Martin
Steve Sanders
Institute for Local Government


2012/13 PLAN Mentees 2012/13 PLAN Mentors
Kat Fonotova
School Facility Consultants
Tina Suarez-Murias
California Air Resources Board (ARB)
Edith Hannigan
Curtis Alling
Ascent Environmental
Brandon Haydu
Fehr & Peers
Allison Joe
California Strategic Growth Council (SGC)
Dov Kadin
Mintier Harnish
Bill Walker
Shasta County, Department of Resource Management, Planning Division
Heidi Gen Kuong
Judy Corbett
Local Government Commission (LGC)
Emily Mraovich
Honey Walters
Ascent Environmental
Aaron Nousaine
BAE Urban Economics
Amy Lapin
Economic & Planning Systems (EPS)
Tristan Osborn
Cobblestone Placemaking
Jim Harnish
Mintier Harnish
Courtney Smith
California Air Resources Board (ARB)
Julia Lave Johnston
UC Davis Extension—Land Use & Natural Resources
Zach Williams
Fehr & Peers
Terry Rivasplata
ICF International


2011/12 PLAN Mentees 2011/12 PLAN Mentors
Laurel (Lola) Torney
UC Davis/Information Center for the Environment and the Urban Land Use and Transportation Center (ULTRANS)
Christine (Tina) Suarez-Murias
California Air Resources Board
Selena Gallagher
CDM Smith
Jeff Goldman
Marco Gonzalez
City of Sacramento Intern
Tom Pace
City of Sacramento
Alexandra Holmqvist
Mintier Harnish Research Assistant
Janet Ruggiero
Jaime LaChance
Town of Truckee
Amanda Leiker Fagan
Office of Economic Adjustment
Julio Lamas
Visionary Home Builders of California, Inc.
Scot Mende
City of Sacramento
Cameron Yu
Pursuing American River College GIS Certificate
Curtis Alling
Ascent Environmental
Mark Polhemus
Randy Chafin
Michael Brandman Associates
Jenny Woods
Local Government Commission/Project Coordinator
Anthony Eggert
California Environmental Protection Agency

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