2018 Speaker Series

2018 logo speaker seriesBoth the Great Recession and the unique recovery have made it clear that circumstances change, and the needs of our communities evolve over time, sometimes in ways that we struggle to anticipate. As a result, there is a need for the profession to plan for and manage these fast moving transformations. We must reimagine our communities to face these changes.

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Nov 17: Report Card 2007-2017

Report Card 2007-2017: What does it means for 2017-2027?

Presenters: Curtis Alling, Ascent Environmental; David Tilley, City of West Sacramento and (invited) James Corless, SACOG

How has the Sacramento Region made progress on sustainability, climate change, smart growth over the last 10 years? This session will retrospectively examine what we’ve learned in the last ten years, and how these lessons can inform the planning profession in the next year. We’ve promoted smart growth principles, the Blueprint, sustainable practices and climate action. We’ve experienced the great recession and a severe drought. We’re dealing with significant changes at the national level and assessing what it means for Sacramento and California. What have we learned and how can we apply lessons learned to the future? If only we had a crystal ball!

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