2018 Speaker Series

2018 logo speaker seriesBoth the Great Recession and the unique recovery have made it clear that circumstances change, and the needs of our communities evolve over time, sometimes in ways that we struggle to anticipate. As a result, there is a need for the profession to plan for and manage these fast moving transformations. We must reimagine our communities to face these changes.

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Aug 25, Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships for Developing Affordable Housing

Hosted by AIA & ULI
Presenters: Frank Myers, McClellan Park and Marina Wiant, California Housing Consortium

Since 2012 and the changes to redevelopment agencies in the State, aordable housing has been more difficult to finance and construct. Developers and local
agencies have had to be more creative about assembling funding sources, leveraging new fnancial tools, and being more collaborative. Public-private
partnerships (PPP) within the Sacramento region have successfully tackled the issues of aordable housing and can help guide future projects. The West
Gateway Place project was the first project in the State with an Aordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) grant to break ground. The first
vertical project in the new Downtown Railyards will be an aordable housing project that leverages the previous investments in infrastructure and will benefit
from future public and private funding for parks, schools, and other urban amenities benefitting these future residents.

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