2018 Speaker Series

2018 logo speaker seriesBoth the Great Recession and the unique recovery have made it clear that circumstances change, and the needs of our communities evolve over time, sometimes in ways that we struggle to anticipate. As a result, there is a need for the profession to plan for and manage these fast moving transformations. We must reimagine our communities to face these changes.

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June 26 - SB 1000

SB 1000: Bringing Environmental Justice into the General Plan

Presenters: Sahar Shirazi, OPR and Katie Valenzuela Garcia, Valenzuela Garcia Consulting
Moderator: Erik de Kok, AICP, Ascent Environmental

SB 1000 requires general plans in California to address environmental justice (EJ), either as a stand-alone element or integrated into other applicable elements. This session will cover EJ basics, SB 1000’s specifc requirements, implementation guidance from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR), and practical examples and lessons learned in planning for the needs of disadvantaged communities. The goals of this session include: help planners understand what EJ means and how it can be applied through planning; clarify the specifc requirements of SB 1000, including when and to whom the requirements apply, how to define “disadvantaged communities”, and how EJ considerations must be addressed at the general plan level through policy and implementation; hear from OPR staff on the latest General Plan Guidelines update effort, including guidance on implementing SB 1000 requirements; and review key principles, best practices, and lessons learned from “early adopter” communities in addressing the needs of disadvantaged communities through planning.

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