May 13 Event

Taking the Temperature for Community Health and Well-Being

Presenters: Dan Woo, California Department of Public Health; Jonathan London, UC Davis; Brian Cole, UCLA; Ken Blankinship / Clint Kellar, ESRI

What are the connections between the public health and planning professions? What instruments are available to check a community’s “vital signs?” Public health and planning have shared a long and intertwined history, and despite each broadening their practice to dierent areas of expertise, there has been an increased “re-convergence” between the two, particularly surrounding health, the built environment, and climate change. Join us for this session to understand the connections between public health, planning, and the environment, with specic focus on climate change and health impacts; learn what the social determinants of health are and how to measure them; and acquire the access to the toolkit of data related to public health, for example GIS mapping, indicator projects, and other innovative tools to take a community’s “temperature.”

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