2018 Speaker Series

2018 logo speaker seriesBoth the Great Recession and the unique recovery have made it clear that circumstances change, and the needs of our communities evolve over time, sometimes in ways that we struggle to anticipate. As a result, there is a need for the profession to plan for and manage these fast moving transformations. We must reimagine our communities to face these changes.

Click here to find out more about this exciting series.  Starts Friday, June 29th.

CM Procedures


All professional planners who are members of APA's professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), must engage in mandatory continuing education to maintain their certification.
The Certification Maintenance (CM) program links certified planners to training opportunities that keep them up to date on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. It also strengthens the value of certification, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to excellence to elected officials, community leaders, and employers.
AICP Members Certification Maintenance strengthens the value of certification, demonstrating your ongoing commitment to excellence to elected officials, community leaders, and employers.


Since January 2008, AICP members must earn a total of 32 CM credits (1 hour = 1 CM credit) within an established two-year reporting period. All AICP members have an automatic four month-grace period, without penalty (reinstatement requirements waived during this period). During the four-month grace period, members are able to continue to earn and log credits to fulfill their reporting period through April 30.
A minimum of 1.5 credits must be on the topic of ethics, and another 1.5 credits must be on the topic of current planning law. AICP members may carry over a maximum of 16 credits from one reporting period into the subsequent reporting period; however, ethics and planning law credits cannot be carried over to the next two-year reporting period.

All professional development activities must be approved and registered to be eligible for CM credit and recorded into your online CM log. The list of registered events is growing every day, so please bookmark the CM website and check back to see whether an event you attended has been added. Go to the National APA website to view your CM log and request credit for sessions you have attended: My CM Log.

AICP members who do not meet CM requirements within four years will lose AICP certification and will be obliged to seek recertification in order to regain the AICP credential. If for some reason you have let your AICP status lapse, you will have to complete a reinstatement process to regain the use of the AICP credential. To learn more about the reinstatement process, visit: AICP Reinstatement Policy.

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