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cafepressFeeling the need to spice up your day?  Want to display your love for the Sacramento Valley Section on your coffee cup or water bottle.  Well now you can!

We have teamed up with Cafe Press and designed a selection of unique merchandise proudly emblazoned with the Section's very cool logo.  Coffee cups, water bottles, t-shrts, sweatshirts, stickers and more await.

Just click here to view the range of items that you can order.

CA Sustainability Research Hub

The California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA (CCSC) launched the CA Sustainability Research Hub.  The CA Sustainability Research Hub is an online searchable database that increases access to California's state-funded sustainable communities research.  The Research Hub enables users to navigate through over 800 CARB, Caltrans, and CEC reports.  In addition to the advanced search function, CCSC has created summaries of each report to help narrow search results.

You can read more about it here.

View the CA Sustainability Research Hub at

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